Heading back to Orlando

In almost a month we are heading back to Orlando to participate in another Walt Disney World Marathon weekend as members of the PPMD Run for Our Sons team.  After last year’s 10K, I wasn’t so sure about going back and doing it again.  In fact we pretty much flew back from Orlando convinced we wouldn’t be returning in 2015.  Maggie and Kristina however were another story.  They were ready to do it again as soon as the 2014 10K was over.  They were going with or without us!
10K Finish
Then the winter got long and I settled into my annual winter doldrums and asked Chris “should we do it anyway?”  By this time, PPMD’s Run for Our Sons registration had already passed (registration was much earlier than past years and all the 10K spots were gone).  Maggie and Kris true to their word signed up for the 10K as soon as they could.  There were plenty of Goofy spots open when we changed our minds and Chris registered to do the half and the full marathon.  A goofy move 😉  A few months later, I signed up for the 10K when the Disney registration opened, rather Chris registered me.  So the Run4Will 10K team was good to go!

Since last year though, an amazing thing happened.  Our team grew!!  I am not quite sure how this happened and still wonder why people go above and beyond to support us and our cause.  I am actively trying to not puzzle this out and I am trying to just accept it and have gratitude.  What’s that you say??? Anne is trying not to over think something? Yup, I’m trying.  Simply put I am honored, flattered, awed, happy and incredibly blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.  So who makes up this group of amazing people?  They are family members near and far, friends old and new, runners and non-runners, and every shade in between.  If you send a note, connect on facebook over a joke, eat a meal with me, ask how I am doing, send a thought or prayer our way or donate financially, you are on this team! You are a part of my infrastructure, you keep me braced to face what lies ahead.

Tara and Logan 5KSo at the end of October, Tara and Logan Gill ran there first 5K in honor of William.  They did an amazing job and are super stars!!!  I suspect Tara mainly runs because of William!

Carolyn (Quinn) Prucher and Mike Prucher joined the team and are running Disney with us.  Carolyn lives in Boston were her family and is a friend from high school.  She’s run into Chris and William on some of their Boston adventures and knew who they were through my facebook posts.  Carolyn’s husband Mike is just as inspired as Chris and signed up to do the Goofy events while Carolyn is joining Kris, Maggie and I on the 10K course.

Did I say I feel blessed?

Please consider donating and joining the team.

Thank you!

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