Running Boston & Disney’s Goofy for PPMD

ImageAfter running the Disney half marathon, marathon, and 10K for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy’s Run for Our Sons team over the last two years we decided perhaps it was time to take a year off before going back again. That idea didn’t sit well with us and didn’t last long. The support we received last year was overwhelming and we can’t take our foot off the gas.

We’re going back!

This time I’ll run the Goofy Challenge which is a half marathon on Saturday followed by the full marathon on Sunday. Anne’s friends Maggie Novello and Kristina Berryman have signed up once again too. Team Run4Will has more work to do.

I’m running the Boston Marathon too!

Back in 2010 the idea of running the Boston Marathon for PPMD inspired me to work hard and qualify for the race earning a spot for PPMD into the race. Next week I’ll run my fourth Boston Marathon in PPMD green and, as always, dedicate my run to boys like William who can’t. I’m proud and honored to be fortunate enough to do it.


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