Wrapping up the Holiday Streak

In November I decided to once again streak through the holidays. Run streaking, that is!

This is my second time doing this and both times the goal of the streak was simple. I wanted to spend a period of time focusing on giving my best training effort towards my run for PPMD at Disney. As the month moved on and the days added up I was increasingly mindful of what I was running for. I had a few rough runs, some hard workouts, and plenty of nasty weather, but I put it all to the back of my mind and kept going. Each sunrise was a new day. In the end I succeeded in moving my fitness along and feel ready to run the Disney Marathon in 10 days. I’ve now run every day for the last 44 days averaging 7.8 miles per day. I’ll probably take a break soon and with a nor’easter bearing down that may come even sooner than planned.

To test my fitness I ran my 4th straight New Year’s day race today. All I wanted to do was run an even controlled effort, not an all out race. It was in the mid 20s, I was wearing plenty of wool, and my mild asthma tends to appear when running fast in these temps. Fortunately, I was able to knock out out an evenly paced 18:36 5K. I’m happy with that.

From here on it’s not about what I do to help my race, rather what I do that might hurt my race. I’ll be mindful of that.

ice creamWe’re flying to Florida next Wednesday. We’re looking forward to some warm weather, short sleeves, and probably some ice cream!

Here’s a shot of a run William and I did in September. Yeah, we stopped for ice cream at mile 7!

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