Two Weeks and Counting

Magic BandsWith less than two weeks to go we are looking forward to our adventure south to Disney World and to Run For Our Sons with PPMD. Last year it was such a positive and meaningful experience we knew we wanted to go right back and do it again. I never would have dreamed we would go back with a team having raised almost twice as much as last year.

We’re grateful for our team and for everyone who has supported us. Since 2011 we’ve raised almost $13,000 to help improve the quality of life for boys like our William and move us ever closer to ending Duchenne. Personally this is a huge accomplishment. Both Anne and I have personalities that prefer to work “behind the scenes” but this cause is so dear to us that we are compelled to get out and make a difference. We’ll celebrate this small step forward at Disney but the work isn’t complete.

I’ve been successful in my “Holiday to Holiday” run streak. With two days to go I’m sure I’ll make it, having run over 250 miles just this December. One of the reasons I wanted to do this was to better focus on my upcoming Run for Our Sons race and be as prepared as possible. As the month moved on I was increasingly mindful of who and what I’ll be running for. These thoughts will continue right through the marathon and only increase as the race becomes more difficult. I’ll be ever mindful that I’m running for those who can’t. Having now run 8 marathons I can tell you the struggle of those final few miles doesn’t compare to the struggle our boys and their families’ must endure.

William is looking forward to his vacation in sunny Florida. Everything is arranged and all we must do now is pack our bags and head to the airport. As a family we’re all a little apprehensive about the changes we’ll encounter this year. William has expressed concern that he will probably not be able to transfer and enjoy as many rides as last time. It’s amazing how pragmatic he is about this at just 11 years. It still saddens us because we know he loves the rides. Last year he rode Thunder Mountain at least a half dozen times. Despite this it will be impossible not to have a great time.

Again, thanks to all who have supported us. It’s greatly appreciated and you are helping to make a difference in the lives of many.


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