Streaking Through the Holidays

fast turkeyThis year, like last, I’m attempting to run every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Last year it was a success and led to a noticeable fitness boost leading into the Disney Half Marathon. I hope to repeat the same formula leading into the Disney Marathon on January 12th, again running for PPMD.

While I’m not a run streaker, I find a shorter streak now and then to be productive. It helps me budget my time, better modulate my training paces, focus on recovery from and for harder efforts, and generally deepens my endurance. Due to this I’ve been known to run short streaks, usually a month at a time, as part of my training for goal races.

Having started early, I’m already 12 days into this year’s Holiday streak. So far so good as I’ve already survived a 2000 mile Thanksgiving road trip, and successfully worked runs into each day. Running daily is usually easy, but the devil’s in the details. Travel, weather, work, and fatigue from life in general impose themselves at odd times creating a few obstacles. Of course, if I get sick or have concern for injury the streak will not be the priority.

Running a marathon (or any goal race) is as much about the process of getting to the starting line well prepared as it is about crossing the finish line. For that reason I’m mindful that this streak is part of the process leading to the Disney Marathon in January. When I’d rather not go out in the cold or would rather just take the day off, I’ll have extra motivation knowing I’m running for a greater cause.

For now, I’m healthy and looking forward to running straight through the Holidays towards to the Disney Marathon in January.

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