Why I’m doing this 10K?

Why I’m doing this 10K…an enumerated list????

#1 My son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

#2 PPMD and Run for Our Sons raise money to support research.

#3 the 5K was sold out….

#4 It’s a great excuse to visit Florida in January when Massachusetts is your home.

#5 I sorely need to stop getting fat……

In truth I find myself pondering why I am doing the Disney 10K often, if not everyday.  The reasons hit me at random moments; while I vacuum; while I cook; while I sit at my desk at work; and while I commute to and from work.  Not all of the reasons are profound as you can see above.

As we get closer to January and as we get closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, a time for counting our blessings, I am feeling inspired to share some of my more considered reasons.

#6 humility

noun \hyü-ˈmi-lə-tē, yü-\
: the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people : the quality or state of being humble

Last January was our first PPMD Disney Marathon weekend.  Put simply, it was a powerful experience.  Being with other families like us was life affirming.  But what stood out to me and what became my biggest take away from the event were the people we met that didn’t have sons with DMD.

One family with a young son and daughter were participating in multiple events.  Naturally I assumed their son had DMD.  Heck I assumed every boy there had DMD, my stealthy powers of MD identification were in full swing.  But this family was there for a friend’s son, not their own.  I was relieved for them and their son and thought wow that’s really cool.   Compassion and Love

A young woman, I think in her late twenties, was there with her husband.  She said she lived locally and participates in the weekend every year in honor of her cousin.  Her cousin who can no longer cheer her on because he cannot travel by plane anymore.   But she still shows up for him and boys like William every year.  She trains for the event throughout the year despite having a job, three kids and a full life.  Dedication and Love

I took these memories home with me and internalized them.   Then two of my friends from grade school volunteered to do what this family and cousin do, Run for Our Sons!

Maggie and I grew up in the same rural neighborhood in NY State.  We went to school together from 2nd grade through high school but lost touch in our junior year of college; I would bet this was my fault.  Kristina and I haven’t seen each other since 8th grade graduation; we went to different high schools the following year.   But despite the passage of time and lack of regular communication they want to be there for me.  Their selflessness is overwhelming and I am beyond grateful for them both.

The irony of my life with DMD is how much I have stretched and grown as a human being and this is where the humility comes in.

I am doing this 10K out of humility.

I am humbled by the strangers I met last January, my old friends who are on the 10K journey with me, my friend who keeps me going with my training by texting me about her own, and my old friends from grade school, high school and college who have donated to this cause despite the fact that there are so many causes out there in need of support.

When God closes a door, he opens a window.  Thank you for all crawling through that window and bringing me out of the darkness.  The darkness can swallow you but the light of love will keep you going.



2 thoughts on “Why I’m doing this 10K?

  1. Kristina Berryman

    Anne- Your words are incredibly moving… I have to admit before finding each other again on Facebook, I had never heard of Duchenne. Your strength and courage inspire me and I cannot WAIT to cross that line with you and Maggie, Chris and everyone else there…Keep the faith. XOXO, Kristina

  2. maggie novello

    Anne, losing touch was no fault of anyone, but life. I’m just glad that we have been able to reconnect. It’s seems like no time has passed at all. We are still the same goofy 11 year old girls we once were 🙂 I really am looking forward to this 10k and can’t wait to gab for hours. I know that when we cross that finish line, I will remember it for a lifetime. I am honored to be a part of team Run4Will. Can’t wait to see you guys!!!! -Maggie


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