Blogging Our Way to Disney 2014

ImageIn February Anne and I committed to going back to Disney and joining PPMD’s Run For Our Sons team during the Marathon weekend. This year it was both fun and inspiring to see everyone running for such an important reason. How could we not go back? This time, instead of me running the half marathon, Anne is going to take on the 5K while I run the full marathon.

There are many months and miles to be covered before next January so we’ve decided to journal our adventure! With this blog we hope to share some of our experiences in C25K, marathon training, and life with Duchenne.


First Up is the Boston Marathon

In 10 short days I’ll be running my third consecutive Boston Marathon. Just as I did in 2011 & 2012 I’ll be running in PPMD Green. It’s quickly becoming an annual tradition and I can’t imagine not doing it. Anyone who has run for PPMD will tell you that it gives you wings, both in training and on race day. This winter I hit my modest training goals of running 50+ miles every week, not missing a long run, to run a good half marathon (1:22:56 @ New Bedford), and to not feel banged up while doing it. I’ve got no excuses and very little anxiety. Soon it will be time to run another Boston Marathon for our sons.



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